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July 20, 2025

Even though I live pretty far off the beaten path, I get some interesting visitors.

Whenever I return to my tiny house after being out for a bit, I often find signs that visitors have been here. They’ve left their own unique “calling cards” – sometimes it’s a bunch of wildflowers, a wreath of evergreen, or even their name scribbled on a yellow walnut leaf or a piece of wood. People who rarely come to the woods seem to enjoy taking a little piece of the forest with them, and they often leave something behind, either on purpose or by accident.

One time, someone peeled a willow wand, wove it into a ring, and left it at the door. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s these little touches that make living here so special. I can always tell when visitors have stopped by in my absence. It might be from the way twigs or grass are bent, or the footprints they’ve left behind. I can even guess their age, gender, or what kind of person they are based on these subtle traces – like a dropped flower or a plucked bunch of grass, even if it’s as far away as the railroad, half a mile from here.