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July 15, 2025

Bean sprouts growing out of dirt

Today I want to share with you my adventure in sustainable living: growing my very own beans! It’s been quite the journey, and I’ve learned so much from this little patch of earth.

I planted about two and a half acres of beans. Since the land had only been cleared about fifteen years ago and I had personally removed two or three cords of stumps, I didn’t use any manure. Over the summer, as I hoed the soil, I found arrowheads, revealing that an ancient civilization had once lived here and planted corn and beans long before any white settlers arrived. It seemed they had somewhat exhausted the soil for this very crop.

Growing these beans has been more than just a gardening project; it’s been a journey of discovery and connection with the past. It’s amazing to think that I’m cultivating the same land that ancient peoples once tended. This experience has taught me so much about the resilience of nature and the importance of sustainable living.