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Afternoon activity

July 29, 2025

Lily pads at the edge of a pond

The sights and sounds of nature around me are simply mesmerizing. Hawks are gracefully circling above my clearing, while wild pigeons, flying in pairs and small groups, dart across my view or perch restlessly on the white-pine branches behind my house. Their movement gives a lively voice to the air. Just a moment ago, I watched a hawk dimple the smooth surface of the pond and catch a fish. Not long after, a mink stealthily emerged from the marsh right in front of my door and snatched a frog by the shore.

The sedge is swaying under the weight of reed-birds flitting about, adding to the dynamic scene. And for the past half hour, I’ve been hearing the distant rattle of railroad cars, their sound ebbing and flowing like the rhythmic beat of a partridge. These trains are a reminder that even though I live simply and close to nature, I’m not entirely cut off from the world.